The party venue was born April 2012 of a preschool parent wanting a space for her little one's first birthday. We rallied together, waved our magic wand and the outdoor lapa transformed into the ideal venue for children's parties.

Party times are morning 09:00 - 12:00 or afternoon 13:30 - 16:30. if you would like a party for 5 to 7 hours then you choose when to begin and end. Contact Janine on 082 826 6359 or


Venue Hire Includes for 55 guests:

free hour to set up

6 trestle tables with white tablecloths

adult chairs

children’s tables & chairs

highball & wine glasses

Ceramic plates, knives & forks

cake forks, side plates & a cake knife

Small ice bucket, ice tongs & corkscrew

Large ice bucket

Tea, Rooibos & coffee set up

Chip bowls

Cool water Dispenser

Use of the large green playground including soccer nets, bike track, sandpits and jungle gym

A staff member to assist you on the day!


Decorate your party with childrens chair covers, tie backs, table cloths & runners to your theme

Flag bunting, personalized party packs, banners and more...Find us on Facebook


We also provide a photographer to capture the special moments of the day, offered at a special venue rate of 25% off usual fee


Party Slots Still Available


16th Oct Morning
23 Oct Afternoon

30th October Afternoon


5th Nov Morning
6th Nov Morning
12th/13th Nov Morning or Afternoon
19th/20th Nov Morning or Afternoon


4th Dec Morning
10th/11th Dec Morning or Afternoon
17th Dec Morning or Afternoon
18th Dec Morning

Closed until 7th January 2017

Parties are booked up to a month in advance with us so make an enquiry today to avoid dissapointment:


Fill out the booking form for a no-obligation quote
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  * Event Particulars: *Saturday or Sunday, between hours of 09:00 - 16:30
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  * Hiring Times: *includes a free hour to set up. 5 hour parties and longer can choose when to begin and end within the times of 09:00 - 16:30, Winter parties between 09:30 - 15:30
  Would you like us to decorate your party? You are welcome to bring in a party planner or decorate the party yourself
  Invitation Design - R70
  Chair covers, Tie backs, Table cloths & runners (including cake table) - R25pp
  Flag Bunting R15 per unit
  Personalized Party Packs - R35pp
  Personalized Birthday Banner - R550
  Custom made Pinata - R460
  Colourful lanterns - R10 per item
  Colourful ribbon candy strip poles - R10 per ribbon
  Fabric Draping - R30 per Metre
  You have your own decor items you want us to set up - R300 per hour
  Popcorn (Serves 20) - R50
  Choice of Entertainment: *large expense items are estimate prices as there are a few options to choose from, choices will be sent with the quote
  Photographer - R750 per hour* special venue rate
  Jumping Castle - R750
  Plastic Kids Bikes - R50 per item
  Soft Play blocks & ball pond - R1250 (3Hrs)
  Baine Marie (Food Warmer) - R200
  Trampoline - *Free for winter booking
  Sound (Large Speaker) - R320
  Face Painter - R500 (1hr)
  Pony Rides - R1350 (2hrs)
  Character Mascot - R3000 (1hr)
  Clown/ Magician - R1800 (1hr)
  Soccer Party- R1250 (1hr)
  Puppet Show - R1800 (1hr)
  Reptile Show - R1800 (1hr)
  Clamber Club Party - R1250 (1.5hrs)
  Live Princess Party - R2500 (1hr)
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