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Meet Matthew; excited by his ability to move around like never before, this young explorer takes to the skies; climbing on small objects and making his way around. Being the curious explorer that he is, Matthew loves to experiment with day-to-day activities. Opening and closing doors, climbing up and down stairs, and turning taps on and off, are all a part of his experiment although he still likes the guiding hand of an adult nearby to make him feel safe and secure.

Matthew is beginning to see himself as an individual and he is starting to recognise what belongs to him and what things are kept in special places. In this world of new-found independence Matthew has started to realise what he wants and he asks for it with conviction.

Being more about the experience then the end result, Matthew's constant investigations into the world around him will often leave him tired and in need of sleep. When it is time for his sleep, Matthew loves looking at pictures and having stories read to him; often recognising items from his own life in the story.

Matthew loves the rhythmical movement of the playground double swings or rocking horses and he loves to hum and sing along with the rhythm. Even building blocks and stones find a new mobility when moved around in his pull carts and wagons.