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Little Dawie has spent so much of his time experimenting and wandering around his new world that he has started to develop much more control over his movement. Filled with self-assurance, energy, and enthusiasm, this little discoverer hits the playground with confidence and always seems to be on-the-go. Willing to try anything Dawie often tells his dad that he wants to do things himself in his own unique way, even though he also usually needs help.

With his new self-assured outlook on life Dawie has started trying hard to make friends and he really enjoys gaining approval amongst his peers. Dawie's increased reliance on social interaction means that he often plays in small groups and uses his improved ability to use language and vocabulary in play and role play.

Dawie likes to take his time while doing routine activities taking great care in dressing himself and feeding himself. He is only too happy to help put his toys away as long as his parents lend a helpful hand. He likes the companionship and the feeling that he is able to help others and not just have things done for him.

After many trips with his parents Dawie has discovered the importance of beautiful surroundings and loves to explore every corner. Turning things upside down, climbing up and over equipment, and mastering the use of handwork materials are really important to him even though he's not really interested in what the materials produce. Although usually abstract designs; Dawie does have a keen interest in using building blocks to construct his ideas.

When he gets tired of exploring his environment Dawie loves to hear his parents tell him stories about himself or other children while he slowly drifts to sleep and dreams about what he'll discover tomorrow.