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Kayleigh is Dawie's older sister. Like Dawie, Kayleigh enjoys being outdoors. Being a very active child, Kayleigh is lively, alert, and eager for new experiences. When she's not running fast and taking corners as fast as her seemingly ever-growing feet will take her, Kayleigh likes to use ladders, planks, blankets and whatever else she can get her hands on to make buildings, trains, or aeroplanes.

Kayleigh always seems to have a definite purpose when she's playing and really enjoys dramatizing home life. Familiar places become magical spaces for Kayleigh; whether pretending to visit the garage in her own car, taking her new drawing to post at her couch and blanket "post office", or pretending to fix household items. Kayleigh has a thirst for knowledge and new information and often excitedly joins in on her parents' discussions using her vivid imagination to enhance her point of view.

Rather than just building abstract shapes with her blocks like Dawie, Kayleigh likes to build simple bridges and buildings to use with her other toys. Kayleigh likes taking part in group play so that her imaginative scenes and constructions can become more involved.

Kayleigh needs far less sleep than her younger brother and instead of being read to she loves telling her parents of her own magical world and amazing discoveries of the day with little distinction between fact and fiction.