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Zenande, like most girls her age, understands who she is; she is a dreamer and she is starting to enjoy spending more time on single activities. And, also like most girls her age, she doesn't really like boys.

Zenande often likes to do her activities alone and has started to realise that maybe adults don't actually know everything and that there is a great deal that she needs to learn herself. Although she realises that adults aren't perfect she has also started to realise that some adults are more helpful then others.

Zenande has some really good friends but she still likes to compete with them to see who can do more circles with a hoola-hoop or who can bounce a ball the longest. She has started to connect the dots between her vocabulary and the objects and activities that she interacts with every day. She understands what these words mean and really enjoys mapping out and planning activities for her and her friends without adult supervision or help. Once she has planned out her activities Zenande loves to play out her ideas and see if what she produces is the same at what she had in mind.