When does the school year start?

Kyalami Ridge Creche & Preschool opens Tuesday January 7th 2020 and classes begin 14th January 2020


School Hours 

7:00am - 17:30pm (Monday - Friday) Excluding public holidays and 3 weeks over December/January holidays.

The school offers three pick up times for your child:

Morning                     Half-Day Full-Day
  • Up to 12:30pm
  • Excludes Lunch
  • 10:00am snack                   
  • Up to 14:00pm
  • Lunch & Rest
  • 10:00am snack                      
  • Up to 17:30pm
  • Lunch & Sleep
  • 10:00am &  15:00pm snack  


2020 Terms

The school follows private school terms dates. We remain open during the term breaks and follow a holiday program



Classes for ages 6 months to grade R with a low child to teacher ratio.

The Infants (5 Months to 1 Year)

The Toddlers  (1 Year to 2 Years)

The Wanderers  (2 to 3 Years - if born first half of the year)

The Explorers (2 to 3 Years - if born second half of the year)

The Discoverers  (3 to 4 Years)

The Inventors  (4 to 5 Years)

Grade R  (5 to 6 Years)


School Structure, Themes & Curriculum 

All the classes engage in similar weekly themes to ensure a gradual developmental learning experience from the 2 to 5 year olds. This is also to ensure that the children are taught what is appropriate to their understanding and capability and also to facilitate effective monitoring of each child as well as to enhance the harmony within the school.

The weekly programs are specifically designed for each age group and can be obtained from the office.

Please read through the curriculum we embue in the weekly program to ensure your child of a well rounded education.


Extra Mural Activities

Apart from the daily school curriculum you may also wish to further your childs educatuon with a number of extra mural activities on offer. All activitites are an additional fee payable to the service provider except Tangonastix which is part of the school curriculum and availbale to all children.


Soccercise: Ages 3 +

Little Brains Computers: Ages 3 +


Karate: Ages 3 +

Clamber Club

EQ Explore (Emotional Inteligence Programme)


Tangonastix: All Ages

 Aquativity Swim School: Ages 3 +

Smash Cricket: Ages 3 +


Science Club: Grade Rs only

Making and Baking with the children


Lucinda's School of Ballet: Ages 3 +

R O Skills and Development (Rugby): Ages 3 +


Lunches & Snacks

A morning and afternoon snack and a full lunch are provided by the school. The menu is posted on the notice board outside the kitchen for the parents to view.

Diet plays an important role in the health and development of a child; it is for this reason that we include meals into our daily program. Our vegetables and fruit are freshly obtained from our local Fruit and Veggies Wholesalers and some are grown and freshly picked from our own school garden. Children with special dietary needs are catered for: vegetarian, medical, religious.


Transport Service

We have a number of safe and reliable transport options, who transport the children from school to home within the Kyalami Midrand area: Please click on the links below for more information and contact details

Rainbow Transport


Shuttle U Around

Rides R Us



Security & Safety

The school premises are fully enclosed. Our Preprimary school has two access controlled gates with an ADT response seconds away. We have also signed up with Lonehill Emergency Medical Response which has 10 minutes response time for anyone on the property.

No child will be allowed to leave the school premise with any person/s, without written authorization from the child's parents or legal guardian.


Car Park

To ensure the safety of everyone in the car park, the speed of vehicles must not exceed 10 kmph. Parents are responsible for their children whilst in the car park. Please park with consideration for others.


School Fees Include the Following:

All School Holidays (except when school closed over christmas holiday)


All meals (sandwiches, fruit and cooked lunches)

All stationery, books and equipment

All toiletries

One extra mural - Tangonastics

Educational shows and entertainment

Emergency Medical Response


School Fee Structure (2020)

Registration Fee R700
Deposit/Developmental Levy
(Refer to Conditions of Enrolment)
R4 000       
Class Fund R400 Per Term (except infants)
  *A deposit is required for the monthly and termly fee structure 


Nursery Fees



14:00pm 17:30pm
Monthly x12 R4 250 R4 700 R5 100
Per Term x3 R16 500 R18 000 R19 800
Annually R47 600 R52 900 R57 200


Pre-Primary Fees


(No Lunch)

14:00pm 17:30pm
Monthly R4 150 R4 600 R5 000
Per Term R16 000 R17 600 R19 300
Annually R46 300 R51 300 R55 800



CPR Training of our Staff

Our teachers, assistance's and admin staff have completed a CPR & Choking course through Pulse PointWe have also signed up with Lonehill Emergency Medical Response which has 10 minutes response time for anyone on the property.


Building Regulations & Specifications

Kyalami Ridge Crèche & Preschool (Pty) Limited is a registered company and holds certificates of compliancy with the Johannesburg City Council and Health Department.

The school is designed to be ECO friendly:

  • Natural lighting as much as possible.
  • Solar powered geysers (back-up electricity)
  • Wooden flooring for additional warmth and comfort.
  • The U-shaped Roman design building acts as a natural air conditioner.
  • Water filtration system through an activated carbon filter.
  • Each classroom has an air conditioner and its own toilet facilities.
  • All windows and doors are shatter proof.
  • Acoustic ceilings to absorb sound.
  • Home gardens (supports Permaculture)
  • Our school has been Orgonized for happy children, please visit Awesome Orgonite for more information.