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Grandparents special/person’s day was a huge success.  Thank you to the very special people who took time out of their busy lives to be with their children.  I would also like to thank the class moms for offering their assistance in making the day run smoothly.

Our guests had the opportunity to see what the children get up to during the school day.  The visiting gogos and papas followed the children into the classrooms, created a little artwork, engaged in games and generally enjoyed the busyness of the children.  The children entertained their special guests with songs and demonstrated their developing gross motor skills with a lively Tangonastix routine. Afterwards the children enjoy a picnic on the lawns with their grandparents/special persons.  There were enough grandparent to go around for those children whose special persons could not make it, these kiddies were also spoilt and nurtured.

This fun day was the first time we had a mini market, all the different offering fof food and creativity.

We had had Irish dancers where little Zara was brave enough to dance with them.

All photographs were taken by Janine. 

Zoo on Wheels came to the school all the way from Limpopo! We had a huge variety of animals to show the children from the very small hedgehog and chinchilla, to the very large alpaca, donkey, and Christmas the turkey. The children all got a turn to see and touch the animals up close which is a wonderful way to establish respect and love for animals at an early age

Contact details of Zoo on Wheels: Mr D Painter, 072 854 4067,

Once again Heritage day was so enjoyable.  The children sat in their class groups and had a feast  sharing their traditional food with each other.

On Saturday 21 February all the families gathered to spend an adventurous time together at the school. We had Soccer Starsentertainment the children with their fun antics; Dance Mouse showed the children 2 new dances while educating them about the beach and the bushveld. We also had Neeta display her Educational Toys.

Thank you for the awesome support on sports day!  The children certainly enjoyed themselves partakeing in the races and obstacle courses. This year’s fastest mom and dad goes to Araseli’s mom, Sebabatso and Lindo’s dad, Mvikeli.   Well Done!

This time the children were given an opportunity to watch and learn about different exotic and indigenous snakes and lizards such as Bearded Dragons, Bosco Monitor , Bull Snake, California King Snake, Columbian Boa Constrictor and others. The instructor managed to speak to the children on their level and being very informative on an adult level as well,  therefore it was educational and entertaining for all.

Happy Valentines Day to all our parents and teachers, especially Barbara who celebrated her birthday today. The children had so much fun all wearing red and painting the wall red. Find and download photos of your child

Barney day was an exciting one! The children absolutely loved coming to school dressed in their PJ’s. Since most were with us last year they were excitedly asking when Barney will get here. Have a look at more photos here.

Thank you to all the parents attending our Fun Day and a special Thank you to the teachers and extra mural's involved. The Children were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of the fire engine from Lonehill Fire Department. The day was a great success and we all had heaps of fun!

As we have many nationalities and cultures, Kyalami Ridge had a dress up day on the 31 May to embrace and learn about our differences and to have fun. The children all arrived at school dressed up in their traditional wear or an outfit as close as possible to their culture. Our parents also each brought a small portion of traditional food for the children to share with their classmates. This also served as a lovely South African farewell to some of our American children returning home.

Today was just about silly fun where the children came to school dressed as pirates

Today the children were given coins and and made their own wallets to take shopping. Our teachers each set up a stall and 'sold' their wares to the children. Teacher Mary Anne had her Ice Cream Palour, Teacher Carla had her bakery, Teacher Shani had The Sweet Shop, and Teacher Taryn had her Smoothie Bar. The children loved this game of exchange and some even tried to buy with their 'plastic'.

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We grow our own herbs and vegetables for the school. The children feast on freshly pick organic food everyday for their optimum development.
Parties are held in our exclusive thatched lapa over-looking a large garden play area. The garden is equipped with loads of stuff for the kids to do!