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December Newsletter - KRCP

YEAR END  - December 2017

Another year has gone by.    I would like to thank all the parents for their support, assistance and goodwill you have offered us this past year and especially the children and parents, who have been part of Kyalami Ridge for many years.  

It is hard to say goodbye to the children that we are so fond of, especially the children who have been with us for many years.  However, it is also time to warmly embrace and welcome the new children who will be joining Kyalami Ridge in the new year.  We hope that the new children will also have a long and happy, prosperous journey at Kyalami Ridge.  

I would like to thank my teachers and teacher's assistances for everything they have done for the school and the children this year.  I really appreciate their dedication towards their jobs and the children in their care.  We have had a very busy and fun filled year.     

The planning for 2018 is done and we have made some exciting new changes for 2018.  We will be introducing arts, music and culture with a difference next year.   We are also updating our website to make it more user friendly.  

I would like to introduce Jane Barker who is going to be assisting the teachers with arts and crafts/woodwork and the music/movement programme.


The staff for 2018

Infants Educares Johanna/Beauth    

Teacher Samantha and assistant Elizabeth (Junior 2 – 3 year old group)

Teacher Leyha and assistant Rhina (Older 2 – 3 year old group)

Teacher Barbara and assistant Edith (Turning 4 year old group)

Teacher Lorna and assisted by Teacher Jane (Turning 5 – 6 year old group)

Teacher Kelly will be going on Maternity leave end of January.  



We will be closing on Friday 15th December at 12:00 promptly.

School will be re-opening on Tuesday 9 January 2018, we will follow a holiday programme, and then on Monday 15 January formal lessons begin.

When you arrive in January the teachers will guide the children to their new classes.

If unsure of where to go, please bring your child to the office and a staff member will introduce your child to their teachers.


Please note we do not close during the school holidays, but will stay open to accommodate the working parents.    For your planning next year - we are closed on the following dates:

School opens:  9 January 2018

Closed: 21 March - Human rights day

Closed:  30 March – 2 April (Easter weekend)

Closed:  Monday 23 April – Monday 30 April (1 May Workers day) (27 April Freedom day)

              (Back to school on 2 May)

Closed:  Monday 6 August – Friday 10 August (9 August Women’s Day) return to school on                                                                    Monday 13 August

Closed:  September 24th April (Heritage Day)

Closed:  14th December 2018     


We follow Private school terms (3 terms)


The January newsletter will include the themes and events planned for next year.



We would like to wish all our parents a Merry Christmas, Prosperous New year and a well-deserved rest if you are going on holiday.  Drive safely and see you all in 2018!


Barbara and Team