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January Newsletter - KRCP




We are at the dawn of a new year and we welcome all the children back to school. Some children have already returned and have settled down well.  We at Kyalami Ridge sincerely wish all families a prosperous and happy 2018!




The school opens at 7:00am and closes at 5:30pm.  The day is broken up as follows:




Up to 12:30pm

including 10:00am snack (lunch by arrangement)

Up to 2:00pm (includes lunch & rest)

including 10:00am snack

Up to 5:30pm (including lunch and sleep)

including 10:00am snack & 2pm snack   

This year we would like to start our teaching at 8:00am so that we can have enough time during the morning to complete our daily programme.   



The extra-curricular demonstrations will be taking place within the next two weeks.  All the children will be given an opportunity to partake in the open demonstration classes.  If parents are interested in their child enrolling in an extra-curricular activity, please collect an enrolment form from the office or you may find a form in your child’s school bag. We recommend that the children under 3 years old engage in Clamber Club as this is a good foundation for all their perceptual and gross motor needs.  If you would like advice on what extra curricular activities your child should do please speak to the class teacher or myself.

The extracurricular activities for 2018 year are:

Monday:          Soccercise Starz with Kennie –Soccer

                        Little Brain’s Computers    

                        Clamber Club with Amore


Tuesday:         Swimming with Aquativity Swim School with Kerry and Louise


Wednesday:   Tangonastix with William for all Kyalami Ridge Children (Sponsored by the school)

                       Cricket – Smash Cricket


Thursday:       Science Club with Frances (Older Group only)

                       Karate for kids with Alfredo

Friday:           Into Golf with Eddie

                       Lucinda’s School of Ballet

                       R 0 skills and development - Rugby  


Please note that all enrolments and payments must be done directly to the extra-curricular companies.   Kyalami Ridge is not responsible for their account collections.



Hat, Sunscreen and Water Bottle

The days are very long and hot so please put sunscreen on your child before school and we will re-apply later on during the day, also please ensure your child brings a hat and water bottle to school. Clearly marked with his/her name.


Face Cloth and Small Towel

As it is the beginning of the year please supply your child with a new face cloth and small towel clearly marked with his/her name.  


PLEASE LABEL ALL YOUR CHILD’S BELONGINGS. This makes it so much easier for the teachers to track down belongings when they go missing and also helps alleviate the problem when two children have identical items. Before the teachers/assistants go home in the afternoon the children’s bags are packed with all their belongings but sometimes things can get mixed up.  What some parents do is that they check their child’s bag every day when they collect their child from school.   We can then look for the missing item immediately.  



The children can bring a toy to school on a Friday ONLY.   Many children try to sneak in their toys on a daily basis and as a result it creates difficulties when toys get lost or broken.    We want to create a child happy environment and also teach a sense of responsibility that they must look after their toy and that only one day a week to bring a toy to school is permitted.  However, please note the teachers will try their best to help the children to look after their toys but the teachers cannot be held responsible if the toys gets broken or lost.  



The school sends out a newsletter on a monthly basis.  We also have a notice board which works very well in reminding parents of events.  Sometimes we staple notes to the children’s bags.  If you would prefer a daily correspondence book please speak to your child’s teacher and she will implement this method of communication. The teachers work two full days a week so this also gives you an opportunity to catch up with the teacher with regard to your child.   If you require a more formal meeting please feel free to inform the school and one can be set-up.     



A monthly newsletter will be sent out at the beginning of each month informing parents of the upcoming events and themes.    A calendar will be attached to the newsletter each month to inform and remind parents of any events planned.  

The newsletter will have an Upcoming Events Section so that the parents can plan for these fun occasions.



FAMILY FUN DAY - Saturday 17 February (if weather permits) Alternative date 24 February 9:00am – 12:00am.   This will be a relaxed and fun filled day where parents get the opportunity to meet other parents in their child’s class, view the classrooms and get an idea what the children are getting up to during the school day.

GRAND PARENTS DAY/SPECIAL PERSONS DAY – Wednesday 7 March 8:30 -11:30 (weather permitting) this gives the children and their grandparents/special persons an opportunity to spend the morning together at school.  


If your cell number, address, email or any other information has changed PLEASE inform the school.  Tt is very important to keep our records up to date in case of emergencies, to send newsletters and invoices out and generally to keep in touch.  If you are having problems with receiving our emails or invoices please let me know.   We also need a copy of your child’s updated immunisation Clinic Cards.



Please note we do not close during the school holidays, but will stay open to accommodate the working parents.     For your planning this year - These are the dates that we will close.

School opened:  Tuesday 9 January 2018

Closed: 21 March - Human Rights Day

Closed:  30 March – 2 April (Easter weekend)

Closed:  Monday 23 April – Tuesday 1 May (27 April Freedom Day)  (1 May Workers day - Back to school on Wednesday 2 May)

Closed:  Monday 6 August – Friday 10 August (9 August Women’s Day) back to school on Monday 13 August

Closed:  September 24 April (Heritage Day)

School Closed:  Friday 14 December 2018