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April News letter 2016



Dear Parents


It is lovely to see that everyone returned safely after the Easter break.  

Winter is on its way

The mornings are getting cooler but by midday it is quite warm, so we suggest that you dress your child in layers of clothing so we can peel off or put back on  as the day gets cooler.     

It is advisable that during the winter months that the children's vitamin intake be increased, especially vitamin C.  This has been recommended by many nutritional specialists to help prevent illness.  For extra warmth during your child's sleep time you are welcome to bring a  blanket and a pillow to school labelled with the child's name.   The blankets will then be sent home every Friday so that they can be washed and  returned on Monday again. 

Safety in the parking lot

When driving in and out of the school please drive slowly, also be vigilant for oncoming vehicles both on the left and right side of the road.    

 I have also noticed that some parents do not buckle their children up in a car seat or seat belt.  Please, this is so dangerous and we don’t want any injuries to occur.  

When approaching the gate and you notice that it is closed.  Please “HOOT”  as this is much safer than to get out of your car to ring the buzzer. 

The pedestrian gate will also be locked so when approaching be aware as you may walk into a locked gate.  If there is no one in the office to open up for you please ring the cow bell.   This is also for safety reasons.  A notice will be placed on the gate to remind parents.

Food for our little farmyard       

Due to drought and lack of water there is not much natural food around  for our geese and ducks.  We urge parents to please help by bringing  any leftover food  such as bread, vegetables, rice,  peels,  anything except meat.  This will be appreciated especially during the winter months.    

Upcoming events

On the 25th of April we will be having a reptile show to co-inside with the theme: Reptiles.  The cost of the show will be taken from the term fund.

School will be closed on Wednesday the 27th of April due to Freedom Day public holiday.


Thought for the month

“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn”